Work Samples

Public Talks

"Living, Breathing and Inspiring: Ethnobotany and The Social Influence of the Community Garden"

July 2021: St. Philip's College, S.T.R.E.A.M. Lecture and Performing Arts Series - San Antonio, TX

The S.T.R.E.A.M. Series has been established to provide St. Philip’s College students and the local community with direct exposure to innovative artists, scholars, scientists, engineers, writers, poets and musicians and to cultivate an environment of active intellectual engagement across disciplines.

“Meta-Foraging: Ethnobotanical foraging knowledge acquisition and transfer in a digital world”

March 2020: Anthro+ Conference – University of Maryland, College Park, MD

“Ethnobotany at the San Antonio Botanical Garden”

March 2020: M.A.A. Colloquium – University of Maryland, College Park, MD

“Anthropology in Action: Non-Profit Refugee Holistic Health Programming”

March 2019: Anthro+ Conference – University of Maryland, College Park, MD

San Antonio Botanical Garden Programs

In addition to the ones I organized, I regularly taught programs, including (but not limited to):

  • Ethnobotany of Native Plants Walking Tour (Monthly)

  • Inhabiting San Antonio: Exploring the People and Plants of this Place

  • Limeys and Radioactive Fruit: The Ethnobotany of Citrus Walking Tour

  • Teas, Tisanes, and Texas Natives

  • Nefarious Plants Walking Tour

DIY Culinary Series

The Garden's in-house chef, Chef Katrina Flores, and I also collaborated on a DIY series, combining culinary education, seasonal produce of the Garden, and food history. Topics included: Gin, Marigold Tequila, Preserved Lemons, and Zataar.

Signage & Educational Materials

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