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Milkweed, Monarch, & Pollinator ArticlesVibrante: Sept-Dec 2022


May 2nd - October 31st, 2022

Role: Lead Curator

The San Antonio Botanical Garden, with support from the Witte Museum and the San Antonio Water System, presents Plants/Place, a virtual exhibition exploring five Texas native plants, ways they have been preserved, and their importance to the peoples of this area. 

Exhibition Feedback:

"Wow... just wow. This is some of the best work I have seen in our field and so accessible. I would love to hear how you are supporting the virtual exhibit with programming. Well done and congratulations! Thank you for sharing this with the group. I have shared it internally with our horticulture and education staff. "-PA Botanic Garden Leadership Staff Member
"I just wanted to say that I took a look through your newest exhibition and I'm really impressed. Kudos! Its accessibility is relevant to many audiences and you found images that are really fun for all." - Madison Square Park Conservancy Leadership Staff Member

Public Talks

I give private talks, tours, and workshops for groups. organization, and events; see Connect With Me Page to inquire about private group events. Previous groups include, HEB, Professional Tour Guide Association, Audubon Society, Gardening Groups, and many others. 

Murder, Magic, and Mucilage: Exploring the Weirder Side of Plants.... For Engagement!

June 2023: American Public Garden Association's 2022 Annual Conference

Chiltepin & the Chile Queens: Using Ethnobotany to Engage Botanical Garden Audiences

June 2022: American Public Garden Association's 2022 Annual Conference

Plants/Place – Virtual Ethnobotanical Interpretation

June 2022: American Public Garden Association Lunch & Learn

March 2022: PechaKucha’s 20x20 presentation format shows your 20 chosen images, each for 20 seconds. In other words, you've got 400 seconds to tell your story, with visuals guiding the way. PechaKucha means "chit chat" in Japanese. This creative outlet began as nighttime get-togethers in Tokyo in 2003 by two renowned architects. Since then, three million people have attended PechaKucha events worldwide.

February 2022: Bexar Audubon Society

November 2021: St. Philip's College 12th annual STEM Symposium  - San Antonio, TX

July 2021: St. Philip's College, S.T.R.E.A.M. Lecture and Performing Arts Series - San Antonio, TXThe S.T.R.E.A.M. Series was established to provide St. Philip’s College students and the local community with direct exposure to innovative artists, scholars, scientists, engineers, writers, poets, and musicians and to cultivate an environment of active intellectual engagement across disciplines.

Meta-Foraging: Ethnobotanical Foraging Knowledge Acquisition and Transfer in a Digital World

March 2020: Anthro+ Conference – University of Maryland, College Park, MD

March 2020: M.A.A. Colloquium – University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Anthropology in Action: Non-Profit Refugee Holistic Health Programming

March 2019: Anthro+ Conference – University of Maryland, College Park, MD

San Antonio Botanical Garden Programs

See Home Page for upcoming program schedule

In addition to the ones I organized, I regularly taught programs, including (but not limited to):

Bizarre Botany Series

Guided Tours walking tours through the Garden and paired with a themed cocktail.

Nefarious Plants, Promiscuous Plants, The Fungus Among Us, Amazing Adaptations

DIY Culinary Series

The Garden's in-house chef, and I collaborated on a series, combining culinary education and food history. 

Gin, Preserved Lemons, Za'atar, Ginger Ceviche, Marigold Tequila

Program Feedback

"The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate. I learned a lot about teas and it gave me some ideas"

"I have new found appreciation for plants. I was a guest and didn’t expect to learn the things that I did. I still feel there is a lot to learn and definitely would return for more programs like these. Plus the cocktail was delicious. Yum!"

"I’m in the process of building a native plant garden at the elementary school that I teach at. This program provided me with so much information to put towards the project!"

"I underestimated the experience!! Absolutely enjoyed it. We just got a membership!"