Ethnobotany of South Texas

In order to better learn about San Antonio, TX, I pursued two research subjects centered around the plants and food of Southern Texas. 

Topic 1 - Botanical Garden Ethnobotany

The first topic was for my Master’s Project at the University of Maryland where I expanded ethnobotanical education at the San Antonio Botanical Garden. 

My project included the creation of a native ethnobotany database, tours, signage, library support and preservation, and the establishment of continuity and sustainability in ethnobotanical programming after the internship was completed. 

For a full record of my activities, see the Project Portfolio.

Topic 2 - San Antonio Tex-Mex

The second topic was the exploration of Tex-Mex as a cuisine and how the history of Southern Texas led to its creation. This project allowed me to learn about the history of the area and its people and as the area changed, so did the food which created a diverse style of food.

I am currently working on finishing the article under the title: Chiltepin and the Chile Queens: An Exploration of San Antonio, Texas through Tex-Mex.

When the paper is complete, I will link it here.

This research is continuing through my position at the San Antonio Botanical Garden.