The David C. Driskell Center

Established in 2001, The David C. Driskell Center for the Study of the Visual Arts and Culture of African Americans and the African Diaspora provides an intellectual home for artists, museum professionals, art administrators and scholars who are interested in broadening the field of African diasporic studies. The Driskell Center is committed to preserving the rich heritage of African American visual art and culture.

While completing my Master's Degree, I was employed as a Graduate Assistant. My role was primarily administrative but, because of the small staff, I was involved in all aspects of the center, including exhibitions, tours and education, development, developing partner relationships, and staff management.

After graduation, I was retained as an Editor & Content Manager to support the transition of the museum to a virtual space during the COVID-19 pandemic. I was responsible for general museum operations, website management, and development of exhibitions celebrating the legacy of Prof. Driskell who passed in May 2020.